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Sean Spicer, United Airlines & Star Wars Celebration - The Saul Report 16/04/17

This seems a timely week to start The Saul Report. The news has been dominated by United Airlines deplorable handling of a seemingly overbooked plane, and Sean Spicer’s idiotic comments about Hitler and Assad. In less serious but deeply irritating news, Nintendo also announced the halt of production for the NES Classic Edition. But, there have also been lighter moments, namely everything coming out of the Star Wars celebration this weekend. So, strap in as we go through the biggest stories of the week from current affairs to nerd culture and everything in between. Sean Spicer’s Unfortunate “Holocaust Centres” Statement Sean Spicer has had a tough time in his first three months as Press Secretary for Mr Trump. You probably heard about his latest gaffe earlier this week, where he compared Bashar Al-Assad to Hitler, who “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons” — this, of course, despite the millions of Jews who were exterminated in gas chambers in the Holocaust. Making matters worse,…

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