Dark Souls II - So Many Deaths!!!!!

Today I managed to find some time to get back into Dark Souls II. And I (almost immediately) remembered why I got so frustrated that I stopped playing it for a while. IT IS SO HARD. To be fair, half of my deaths so far are from me being stupid and falling off things - which probably isn't an amazing way to go. The game is made even harder by the "hollowing" process meaning that your maximum health decreases every-time you die. The only way to return your maximum health back to the original is consuming "Human Effigies" - which are hard to find at the beginning of the game, meaning sometimes death is very very likely. This also add's another strategic element to the game - when do you consume the Effigies? Sometime's it's hard to know.

Saying all this I do love both Dark Souls games, and am looking forward to the expansion (the first part of which - The Crown Of The Sunken King - will arrive on the 23rd of July for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3) which I hope to get when I've finished DS 2, and have read some reviews. If I do buy it - you'll see a preliminary review as soon as I've played it for a couple of hours. 

If you want a challenge over the summer - then I really do recommend Dark Souls 2 - read my review here.

As well as the new Dark Souls II DLC, PS4 owners have Bloodborne to look forward to at some point. Bloodborne is the "spiritual successor to Demon's Souls" which was the original Soul's game, and was exclusive to PS3. Sadly Bloodborne is also only for PlayStation - so PC and Xbox gamers are left out in the cold on this one. 


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