Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Special?

I've read a couple of things over the weekend that talk about whether there should be a special to mark 10 years since Doctor Who was revived in 2005; so I'm going to share my thoughts with you.

The 26th March 2005 was a big day for Doctor Who fans; it signalled the return of their favourite Time Lord, and brought about a new era for the Doctor. Since then Doctor Who has thrived in Britain, and across the World, becoming the longest running sci-fi series ever. It's done pretty well, and people have fallen in (or back in) love with the blue-box that's bigger on the inside, and the people it takes all through space and time. It deserves to be celebrated. Frankly, restoring a TV series that was cancelled 16 years ago is a hard job for anyone, and restoring something like that almost never works, and people get disappointed. Nobody, least of all Russell T Davies and the BBC, thought it was going to work. But it did. And 10 years (almost) on we're still loving it. Something needs to be (and I'm sure will be) done to applaud the people who have brought it back. But I'm not sure another special would be the right thing. I think fans would feel short-changed after receiving the amazing spectacle that was The Day Of The Doctor, to find a smaller episode with less of a budget and (probably) no simulcast around the World.

What should the BBC and Steven Moffat do then? Well I think, and I would love to see, an episode...

explaining how it was all brought back. Maybe a drama similar to An Adventure In Space and Time, depicting how RTD fought to get the series back. That would be really interesting and something I feel fans would enjoy watching. There would be the inevitable repeats of the first series (which isn't really a bad thing). I think that sort of thing would be fitting.

But, what if there was a special episode? What would it be about? I think it would most likely be about The Doctor and Clara (who I assume will still be his companion) would find Gallifrey. But, depending on series 8 that could work out differently. It could almost be a direct run-on from The Day Of The Doctor - with a similar cast (possibly without the other Doctor's and with more UNIT involved). Saying all that I doubt it will happen. But, at the moment we don't officially (at least I don't think we do) what episode 13 of this series IS. Everyone has (proabably rightly) that it's the Christmas Special, but what if its the 10th Anniversary episode?

Only time will tell.


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