Is It Good That Games Get DLC?

Firstly, apologies that this is a little late. I was going to write and publish it yesterday, but I didn't have time - so I'm writing it today, to make sure you get it this weekend and we stay on schedule. Sorry!

DLC's can be great things for games. They give you an excuse to return to your perfect, ideal world where you can run around shooting things or chopping peoples heads off. This is great. If it's done well. Sometimes a DLC is just bad. But this might just mean it hasn't been made with the same care and attention as the vanilla game, even if anywhere else it would seem great. DLC's are expected to be as good, if not better than the base title that it plays from. Imagine this game was 60 hours long. You completed it 4 months ago, and now they bring out a DLC. "Great," you think "Now I can go back and have even more fun!" But this DLC will only last 4 hours, and the story will be a bit lacking. If you knew that, would you still buy it? I'm not sure. On one hand, as I said, if I had really enjoyed the game, then I would be inclined to get it, depending how much it cost, even if I knew it wouldn't be as good, I could still go back to the world. But, on the other hand I don't want to fork out £15 for something that will only last me 4 hours and won't even be that good fun.

Saying all that, I do think that DLC's are good for games.While some may be disappointing, it does bring a welcome path back to games you've really enjoyed, and can mean you want to replay the whole thing again. Although some may not be great value for money, if you pick them up at the right time you can get a great deal.


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