Steam Greenlight: Good or Bad?

Steam has been going for a while now and is a huge deal for PC gamers across the World. It boasts millions of users, and millions of gamers online 24/7 and over 2000 games in its stores. One of the biggest attractions for Indie game studios to Steam is the Greenlight feature. This lets anyone add their game to a list for Steam users to decide whether they want to play it. Lots of games get through, and lots don't. And sometimes people make mistakes and let games through that really, no one wants to play.

As I said, Greenlight is great if you're a genuine Indie developer with a great game, but you don't have the funds to get it out in a retail copy, or to Xbox and PlayStation (and of course Wii U). You can make the game in your own time, with no pressure as to when it comes out. Release it to the people of Greenlight and see if they like what they see. You'll know soon enough what they think. If it comes out; great! You can earn some cash, and people can see what you have to offer. Maybe next time you will be able to afford retail copies.

But, you often hear about people getting through the Greenlight process with games that sound really cool, but ultimately don't deliver to what they said they would, and are really just taking your money. If this does happen though, you can rely on reviewers to make it clear in their ratings and how they talk about the game.

Overall, I do think Greenlight it good, but I think it should be more tightly regulated as to the games that get through being observed carefully.


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