What Makes A Game PERFECT?

There are a number of factors which dictate people overall opinion of a game. Some of these depend on the player. But other times they are things that we all appreciate, and is the reason Gaming Review Sites can function. They give you opinions that everyone can share. For example everyone appreciates a good story, with plenty of varied quests/tasks/missions and twists and turns which you don't expect. A lovely looking landscape or a beautifully done cut-scene can make us all gasp with joy. Or, the moment at the beginning of a game when you walk out into the proper open for the first time and you see the horizon - that always makes me stop. And stare.

But another enormously important thing for any game is the music. It changes a situation's mood in a few bars of notes. Want a happy feel, play a happy song. Want a dreadfully sad scene which will stay in the hearts and minds of players for a long while, then play a sad song. Another great thing about music triggered in situations like this is that if it's played to you again - even years later - then it can trigger all that emotion again, and you'll remember how much fun you had.

I talk about all these thing, but the most important thing for a game being perfect are that the player has loads of fun. So what if it's lacking in some places - sure the score from reviewers will go down - but if you have fun then surely it's money well spent on a game you can return to whenever you like? And, what's more, you can keep having fun.


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