Assassin's Creed 2 Review: Part 2 - The Gameplay

In the second part of our Assassin's Creed 2 Review, we look at the Gameplay. This includes the combat, how you get around and quest's in the game. Next week we take a look at The Features of the game.

If it was hard to review the Look of Assassin's Creed 2, this is so much easier. When you think Assassin's Creed you think combat, running around on rooftops and (surprise, surprise) assassinating people. So, lets begin with the combat. As you start the game, you begin simply with your fists, no sword, no spikey things that come out of your sleeves - you're not even an Assassin at the beginning of the game! This means you're dropped in slow. Which I liked, simply because I had never played an AC game before, so I had to get used to the combat - and lets face it, it's a completely different style to most games: certainly any others that I've played before. Being dropped in like this means its all the more satisfying when you first get the sword, and when you visit Leonardo Da Vinci and he constructs the spikey things (seriously, do they have a proper name?!?). Your first kill with them is so smooth and easy - its actually slightly scary. Obviously as you progress in the game, your weapons get more advanced, and new ways to kill emerge. Something else I feel is great, is that you are actually taught how to do things like that. Most games just tell you the control pattern and assume that you can carry it out well. But in AC you are made to show that you can do it, not that you could....possibly.

At the beginning of the game getting around is a blast, but as things move along it gets annoying having to get around these huge cities, especially when you're more limited about going up on the roof-tops and if, like me, you try to avoid unnecessary kills (I soon completely "forgot" about that though...). I also find that being forced to find groups to travel around with, so you didn't get spotted by the guards, not only pointless, but extremely tedious and something which I tried to avoid doing by having 0 notoriety in each Town or City. I find this is good practise, and means you have no nasty surprises if you have to re-visit somewhere.

Quest's or Memories as they are known in AC 2 are something that are constant. You always have something to be getting on with. Whether this be Assassinating someone, or simply finding some more codex pages or the Assassin's seals for Altair's armor: these are always good fun, and normally present a fun challenge to work out - that isn't too hard, but still makes you think and keeps you alert.

 The Gameplay is great fun, only let down by the irritating travel options occasionally in the game. 

Next week we take a look at the Features of Assassin's Creed 2. 


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