Doctor Who Review: The Day Of The Doctor


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The Episode

The Day Of The Doctor was the 50th Anniversary special for Doctor Who, and was broadcast around the World on the 23rd of November 2013. It see's the 10th, 11th and the War Doctor unite together to help save Gallifrey from the Daleks, and try to change what the War Doctor "did" by destroying it.

The adventure begins after the Doctor sends for Clara (who is now a teacher) to come to the TARDIS, however, when she arrives UNIT take the it to their base at the Tower Of London. They have something to show the Doctor. Inside are the Doctor and Clara are shown mutiple Time-Lord paintings (bigger on the inside) where something has obviously broken out. This is when the adventure truly begins. 

The Review

If I had to mark down the Day Of The Doctor for anything at all, it would be that I found it a bit slow to start with. The mood at the beginning was a bit too light, but I suppose that this only adds to the change when things start to get serious, and darker towards the middle. As the speed picks up and we are introduced to the other Doctor's, the tone is still light, giving way for some superb interaction between Matt Smith and David Tennant, who seem to be a ready made comedy duo - for me this is something that shone throughout the episode: the chemistry between the whole cast, but particularity the Doctor's. Although they were constantly making jibe's towards each other, it was good natured. Sometimes (especially in new Who) the acting can get a little cheesy and boarderline irrtating, but this was no-where to be found in this episode. In fact, I can think of no fault from any of the actor's. Each one has nailed their character to perfection.

Leading up to the episode I remember reading things about it commenting on its lengthe being to short. I don't think this was the case at all. In fact I think it was a perfect length. It was the length it needed to be to do everything, see everyone and to save the day.  

However, I do feel more could have been made of the scene where the Zygons were changing to look like the humans, nobody seemed very scared of this, or the Zygon's themselves. I think they were overshadowed by the Daleks and the Time War bookending their parts, and just felt like they were a plot device so that this and that could be overcome in the episode to make things easier to write. Saying that, I feel that The Day Of The Doctor has been one of the best stories we've had for years and years, it all was quite self contained, and there was nothing that needed to be tied up, no massive questions or beginings of story arcs. It was all tied up (extremely well, but still leaving gap for more about the Time Lords to return [again]) This was simply a good, fun episode. It was an adventure. And I hope the series continues in this way over the years to come.

A great, fun episode that was one of the best in years. The only short-fall was the slow start, and the lack of screen time for the Zygons.


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