Doctor Who Review: The Time Of The Doctor

Since DW: Series 8 starts this Saturday, I thought it would be a good idea to re-cap on what happened in the two previous episodes, and what better way to do this than a review!?

NOTE: The following review contains spoilers for the Time Of The Doctor. If (for some reason) you haven't seen this episode, but still want to watch it then don't click for the full article. Otherwise, please do!

The Episode

The Time Of The Doctor is (thankfully) the last <insert title> of the Doctor episode. But it also means we must say farewell to Matt Smith. We do this in an episode that begins with Clara asking the Doctor to "be her boyfriend" for Christmas. Which, at the time seemed a little stupid, but as the episode goes on, we find that having her family round is actually imperitive, as it provides us with a break from the action. And, begins the development of Clara's character - not just her being the impossible girl. As the episode draws on the Doctor finds a signal that is being transmitted (seemingly from a planet, actually from a church guarding it) that turns out to be pre-ruins Trenzalore (I think). Anyway, he goes down to the planet and finds that (oh joy) the crack is back! Yay! But, this time it's transmitting a message from the Time Lords. Let them out, they're destoryed by the assembeled monsters. Don't let them out - there's no way to free them. So, he guards it. For ages. And ages. (After sending Clara back and forth.) This eventually ends with him getting some more regenerations, and him destroying everything by regenerating. Enter Peter Capaldi.

The Review

I've had a rocky relationship with this version of the Doctor. At first I really didn't like him. Not because the acting was bad - it wasn't - simply because I felt he was too much like a jester through the first few seasons. But then Clara Oswald came along, and changed my opinion of hum. Sure, he was the comical jester-like Doctor still, but there was another level to him. Whether this was the writing, or that Matt Smith grew into the role more, we don't know. Maybe it was the wonderful chemistry he had with Jenna Coleman. Whatever it was, this was a fitting episode for him to leave. Jovial when it needed to be, but throughout there was huge moments of sadness. I feel this episode is possibly one of the best (acting wise) that we've seen since the re-boot. Matt Smith's performance here was incredible he really made me feel sad, happy and laugh all through the episode, even to the end. I felt so sorry for Clara as well. All she wanted was the Doctor to be with her. But she didn't get it. And now she has a man that can't be the same to her as her Doctor. I'm looking forward to see how she copes with this, it'll be really interesting to see. Getting on to number 12 - I loved that introduction so much. It leaves us with so many questions. It was funny, but still dark - I really can't wait to see him in action.

Now, onto the not so good things. I found the story was incredibly confusing at times. Granted, I did watch it in a bit of a hurry, whilst jotting things down for this review (when I watched it on iPlayer at the weekend) but I got lost. And I don't often get as lost as I did here. Also, when are we going to have an episode where it's just one bad guy? Steven Moffat loves multiple bad guy stories for the big ones. I would loved to have seen a more subtle ending to Doctor number 11, not saying this wasn't good - just having so many evil people (including those stupid Angels and the Silence) is too much. Ahh, the Silence. They were scary. But I'm not sure they were used to their full potential. And I really thought that "Silence Will Fall" thing was over. Boy, was I wrong.

I feel 7 is the right score for an episode that was so many things. Sad, funny but had, perhaps, at little too much bad guy. 


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