Doctor Who World Tour: Good or Bad?

The Doctor Who World Tour started of this week in Cardiff, but is this kind of thing good for Doctor Who and the fanbase? In short yes. I think it is. But, to give you a well rounded opinion, and so that this isn't just a three sentence article, I also think there are some bad things about it. For one thing it means some fans can see "Deep Breath" earlier than the rest of the World. And that means one thing: Spoilers. People, and even News sites can't seem to resist putting up spoilers about what the first episode is like. This is made worse by the fact we have a new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and there are so many new things to see in this series. People can't resist going online and telling people like me, that want to make their own opinion of the episode, "Oooooh. It was amazing!". I hate this, especially as I will be reviewing the episode myself after it has aired (more about that in a future post) and so I don't want to take any opinions from anything else. In fact, I try NOT to read anything else because of this, and so I don't get influenced on what I actually think.

Saying that, it's great for people to get out and to see the stars of the show. You can meet them, ask them questions and get to see what they are like off screen. Which must be really cool. It's all very well watching a badly filmed rendition of the Q & A with the cast a crew on YouTube later, but being there with the atmosphere must be amazing.

After literally just looking at the Live-Stream of the Q&A from Seoul, another big problem with Touring it round the World is the language barrier for the cast. It was extremely awkward watching them have a translator talk to them from the back of the sofa, and they looked very nervous about it.

I think its a great idea, and something the fans can really enjoy, despite a few minor draw-backs.


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