Skyrim Review: Part 1 - The Look

In the first part of our Skyrim Review, we look at The Look of the game and if there are in fact any places where it is let down.

Skyrim, for me, is still one of the best looking games out there. No matter where you go its look is consistent, with nothing really letting this down. As soon as you step out into Skyrim properly from the burning Town of Helgen, you are greeted with what I still find one of the best views in the game (see below) and this means that you have a good impression on your mind of what it will look like throughout. A good start is great for any game, as it means you don't have a down impression of what will happen later. You're excited and motivated to keep playing along to find out what's going to happen to the characters around you.

However, after re-playing it a little for this review, I think there are some things that could be made better regarding the look of Skyrim. The trees being the major one. Although for most of the game you aren't just starring at trees, but you do run past them, through them, and around them quite a lot and close up - they don't look too great. They look like something from a previous game in the series from quite a while ago and this is disappointing because quite a lot of Skyrim IS trees. Sure, not as much as some of the other provinces of Tamriel but it is still a noticeable amount of them and none of them are up to scratch. They look quite pixelated and up close, a bit flat. This might just be the colouring though, I'll let you judge that for yourself. However, I'm sure this can be fixed for TES: VI as Bethesda have done such a great job improving what their games look like over the years. I know this is just progression of the industry, but if you even look at Morrowind (which was only released nine years before Skyrim) everything looks a crazily amount better.

One thing that has been improved a lot, but could have so much more work done on is the faces of people. Faces have been notoriously bad looking in The Elder Scrolls series, and Skyrim is only a little better. Although people no longer look like they've been hit head first by a bus - they now look a little distant in their expressions, and like they never have very different reactions to things. Which isn't too bad, seeing as a lot of people's faces are covered with beards - but could be fixed (from seeing The Elder Scrolls Online, this seems to have been fixed so faces look more real, which is good.)

Apart from faces and trees there is nothing else which I don't like about what Skyrim looks like. You can spend hours trying to find which mountain has the best view, or simply just staring out at the landscape from anywhere you choose - there's always something beautiful to look at in Skyrim.

Although most of Skyrim looked amazing, there are a few minor places where the look is let down.

The next part of our Skyrim Review looks at The Gameplay. Check Nerd and Proud for part 2.


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