Skyrim Review: Part 4 - Was It Fun?

In the fourth and final part of our Skyrim Review, we look at the all important question: was it fun? 

In short - yes. Skyrim was and still is heaps of fun to play. You are granted a freedom to do whatever you like - and that isn't seen, to the level of Skyrim at least, in many games. Skyrim is special, it lets you be who you want to be, do what you want to do and go where you want to go. But, that isn't the only reason its great fun. The reason you see people in the Steam reviews who have clocked 1000 hours plus, is because of the modding community. There are so many mods for Skyrim (granted, so of them are awful and pointless, and some of them simply exist so you can make everyone naked) that you can spend weeks trying to play through every one and still not complete them all.

I've spoken about the Quests previously, but I feel I should re-iterate about the plethora of side quests available to the Dragonborn in the game. From the most simple (eg. Cicero wanting help with his Wagon Wheel) to finiding the Dragon Priests Masks, or the Black Books - all are thought out a huge amount and this is really shown, and is something that I feel should be recognised more to Bethesda.

Going back to the mods - recently I downloaded a Mod called Skyrim Unbound (referencing the first Quest in Skyrim - Unbound) which lets you begin anywhere in the map, and lets you choose who you are. You can even turn off Dragons and not be the Dragonborn at all - or just set it to random and see what happens. This kind of thing is great. With my first character, I went to each Hold and brutally murdered all the guards in sight (which is a lot - and also helped me to earn the achievement for getting 1000 bounty in each Hold). Although I have finished the main Quest in the game, and each of the DLC's - I still want to revist Skyrim to complete the side-quests and have fun with the mods. 87 Hours? I've barely scratched the surface.

Skyrim is more than just fun. It's amazing and so is the lasting appeal. 

This is the end of our Skyrim Review. Tomorrow you can see the whole Review, edited together as a whole and with the overall score. For the next four weeks our Review will be on Assassin's Creed 2.


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