Things That Are Changing

After taking advice today, I have decided to change things here slightly. Here goes....

We will no longer have daily news updates for stories that break as the day goes by, for the simple reason that we can't compete with bigger sites, as was pointed out to me. However, we will still be updating our Twitter feed with news, just not writing posts about them. These may even just be re-tweets of other Gaming sites news blogs. Also, Game Watch will start. It means that each month I follow a game until its release to get all the news I can about it. It won't be collected in the blog area, but instead on a dedicated page, so if you don't want to read about that game, you don't have to (much like our current Doctor Who - Series 8 Page). There will also be TV Watch and Movie Watch, each running in much the same way. Sometimes one or two won't run and sometimes all or none might run - it depends what's out there really.

I will be re-writing and expanding each of the two features that I've done so far. (All features will be done in this way from now on.) Also, features will be renamed as reviews to be more clear about what they actually are. And so that...

Instead of Post Of The Day, we will have the N&P Feature - which will act in a very similar way, but possibly with a different schedule and with more freedom about what to write.


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