Why I'm Sad That Robin Williams Died

The BlackStig is on holiday for the next week, so I will be writing all the posts on here, starting with this one. 

When I woke up on Tuesday morning I was shocked and deeply saddened, as was the rest of the World, that actor, comedian and legend Robin Williams had died. At the time, we weren't completely sure how he'd died, but it was suspected suicide (which was confirmed yesterday). According to one of his team, he had been battling with severe depression recently, which we can only assume drove him over the edge. I can't really comment anymore on this, but I can tell you why I'm feeling sad. 

There are a few reasons. Firstly, I feel sad for anyone that knew him personally as I'm sure that's a whole in your lives that can never be filled again, and I'm sad for people that didn't know him for the same reason. He really was one of a kind. I never met Robin Williams, but I always admired him. For me he was Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire (still one of my favourite movies), he was the comedian/President in Man Of The Year, and he was also the President in Night At The Museum 1, 2 and 3 (coming out later this year). He brought something to all his roles that not many actors can do - be was extraordinary funny, but behind those kind, smiling eyes there was a deep sadness that I felt from him. He really was one of a kind, and I'm so sorry to see him go. And to go because he felt there was no other option. It really is terrible. Rest In Peace.   


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