Bound By Flame Review: Part 1 - The Look

In the first part of our Bound By Flame review, we take a look at THE Look of the game. Does it hold up? 

Apologies this was late, I was ill this week so wasn't able to finish in time for Wednesday. 

When I first heard about Bound By Flame I was extremely excited. I saw some of the artwork, and I was even more excited. I pre-ordered the game. Then waited. Then it came and I was super excited to start it! Then I did. I looked at it. And it didn't look too good. Now, let me just clarify I (by no means) have a good computer for gaming. It's nearly two years old and I will be replacing it later this year (don't tell it - it might get upset!) but I've seen other people play it, and it still looks bad. Not even, "oh it's a few years old" looking bad. It just isn't good to look at. But I don't know why. It looks to me as though if they'd spent another month polishing stuff before the release, they could have nailed the look of the game. It has potential. Just like (so I've read) the other games from Spiders Studio's.

There's no excuse for this really either, it's not like it's an old game - it came out this year on May the 9th. I really don't know what else to say, it just isn't pretty. It could be gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! But obviously they felt that it couldn't be delayed for polishing.

You may be wondering what looks bad. Personally I see the pictures as a little grainy around the edges. It's like when YouTube automatically sets the video quality to 240 instead of 480, 720 or 1080 (which is really annoying!)

It's not that the characters are badly designed either, they look really awesome. What each person is wearing is super detailed, and a lot of thought has obviously gone into how they look. It's a shame that the overall quality is lacking a little.

I think that might be a theme in this review, the ideas are great, but it wasn't excecuted well resulting in a poor finish. Perhaps this is why reviews from the major gaming sites have been giving fairly low scores, and on Metacritic it only has a score of 56. I think that's too low, but you'll have to wait for my score!

A look that could be gorgeous, but wasn't polished enough to achieve that title. 


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