Bound By Flame Review: Part 2 - The Gameplay

In the second part of our Bound By Flame Review, we look at the Gameplay. This includes the combat, how you get around and quest's in the game. 

The combat, for me at least, is probably the highlight of the game. It's great fun being able to switch between going ahead and using fire stuff (you get this from the abilities the fire demon that possesses you gives) using ranger-style powers (two daggers) or simply as a warrior. However, I found by self predominantly fighting as a ranger like character as it enabled dual wielding (something I have found really suits the way I like to play).

The combat was also, surprisingly, fairly tactical. Obviously, not quite Dark Souls - but it was just tactical enough that you did have to make a plan quite a lot of the time, rather than just running in with your sword shouting "I will kill you!!!!!!" which is really cool and was something I didn't suspect at all. 

Onto something I really really really hate. You are forced to get around by running to places which really annoys me. It takes forever to go anywhere, and that's something that really puts me of the game. But, I did work out that you can just run through anywhere and the enemies don't follow you. As long as you keep running and get to your destination then you can get to your the point on the map fairly quickly. Admittedly, that isn't really a good thing - but it helps you get around quickly. 

The quests are not really that fun either. The first one seems to take forever to complete and then the rest are essentially the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. You go somewhere, kill something, someone swears unnecessarily, you go speak to your boss and he says nothing of importance. Of course, that isn't entirely fair, but they really don't inspire me or amaze me in any way. Which I was really disappointed with.

  Fun combat, but quests and travelling that really let the game down 

Next week we take a look at The Features of the game.


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