Destiny - An Outsiders View

An Outsiders View is a type of post that I write when I've been avidly following a game, however haven't yet played it. These are one-off posts, but I will do them every so often when I really want to share my opinion of a Game. For this post, I look at Destiny. 

I doubt, if you're a gamer, that you haven't heard of Destiny. It has been something that people have been looking forward to for months, have been talking about for years and the hype was amazing and huge. Too huge. The game, from what I can see, hasn't been a flop at all - but the hype that has been built up and up and up is too big for the game. From what I've seen, the game looks awesome. The textures and graphics are top notch, and although there doesn't seem to be a hugely inspiring story, and the same locations are used so much - Destiny looks genuinely fun to play.

I think one of the main problems with the game that I can see is that it doesn't quite know what it is. It tries to be an RPG, FPS and MMO at the same time. Which, perhaps doesn't quite work. Also, I think I would call it an MMORPFPS - which is a bit of a mouth full!

Most of these opinions are from me watching hours of Twitch Streaming, and I (by no means) have seen the whole game. Yet, I still find myself thinking "wait, we came here an hour ago in this stream". Activision and Bungie seem to hope that the player forgets the locations he or she has been to earlier in the game. I think this is entirely the wrong avenue to take - surely you want lots of memorable, unique locations that stay in the memory for years to come. I suppose that the made sure the locations were memorable at least...

Another think the developers overlooked (or seem to have done) is the story of the game. Some people, I know, will have gone into the game simply for the PvP and may not even touch the story missions. Great, fine - but I think for the people that came for the story and PvE, it really needs to cater for them. It's not like the game was billed as a solely PvP experience either, the story (at least from what I saw) seemed to be important to the devs.

However, I think the positives outweigh the negatives here. People are having bucket loads of fun with this game. People are playing with old friends and making new ones. And surely fun is the most important thing? I get that reviewers need to give it a low(er) score than what it could get because of the things that are lacking. But, I also think that fun is a huge part of the reason to buy a game. The only thing I have to say that annoys me about it?




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