Doctor Who Review: Series 8 - Episode 3 - Robot Of Sherwood

NOTE: The following review contains spoilers for Robot Of Sherwood.      

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The Episode

The Doctor asks Clara where she wants to go, she reply's saying that she's always wanted to meet Robin Hood. Thinking him a myth, and her stupid - the Doctor reluctantly agrees, and takes her to meet Robin Hood. Little does he know, that the castle in which the Sheriff Of Nottingham is living, hides a spaceship. Only when the Robot's reveal themselves does the Doctor find out that not all is as it seems. 

The Review

I found this episode a tad strange. It was billed as the "Comedy episode" of the series, and I usually don't like that one at all, I hate it when Doctor Who tries to be funny all the time, because eventually it just gets annoying, and boring, Saying that, I thought Robot Of Sherwood did quite well. I was funny when in needed to be, but also had an OK story (despite the tiresome happiness of Robin and his Merry Men.) 

One of the things I found myself wondering was why it was called Robot Of Sherwood. Singular. Yet, there were obviously multiple Robots? Also, I'm not quite sure how firing a golden arrow at the spaceship at the end could have made the engines get to full capacity when the arrow was on the outside of the ship. 

A good thing about last nights proceeding's was that (I at least) found I really sided with The Doctor about hating Robin Hood. I'm not sure I've been so annoyed at a character before. And I'm not sure we were meant to hate him as much as I did. Saying that, this did create some truly funny scenes with Doctor and Robin "bantering" (which we now know the Doctor doesn't like). 

This episode feels like the silly, kids episode that we have come to expect at least once in a series. Everything was cheesy, and things felt a bit pointless (I really like episodes that aren't in an arc normally, but this one felt as though it really didn't need to be here at all). Here's hoping that next week, the game is upped. 

An episode that didn't really suit this Doctor, that felt cheesy and stupid. An encounter with Robin Hood that should have been so much better. 


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