Bound By Flame Review: Part 4 - Was It Fun?

Bound By Flame was enough fun for me to enjoy the time I spent in the game, but not enough so I keep revisiting. Simple as that. The quests were, at best, bland and fairly dull. The combat was interesting and finding the right way to do things kept me occupied, but ultimately it didn't make the rest of the game any better. The most fun thing I can remember doing was one of the first missions, where I had to fight my way through the enemies in the Mercenaries base camp. I really enjoyed that, but that was the peal. As soon as I reached the swamp, and had to trudge through again and again to get to the pointless objectives that didn't have anything to do with the story, then back to base then repeat (too many times for me to count) I got really bored.

The actual story of the game was all right, and being possessed by an evil fire demon, that had to be good to stop the ice lords was a really cool concept. But, it was also being done in a very similar way in Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor (which, when I get my hands on it, I will review and was our Game Watch last month). In Shadow Of Mordor the player is possessed by Celebrimbor (who crafted the rings of power) and he his helping you overthrow Sauron's servants. SOM has the advantage of some of the richest lore ever created, so many books and 5 (6 coming this Winter) that tell the story of what also happens in that world, whereas Bound By Flame has.....?

Would I recommend you buy and play it? Maybe if you're a massive RPG fan that wants a game that is fairly easy, doesn't really make you think but does have some (almost) very pretty backdrops and awesome music then you should give it a go. But inless there is a large discount on it (from the already fairly low price) then I wouldn't bother with it. If your still interested you could look up some Let's Play's on YouTube and see for yourself. I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Quite a fun game, but I wouldn't bother picking it up for the retail price. 

Tomorrow I will post the full, edited together review with the final score. The next review game will be revealed soon! 


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