Doctor Who Review: Series 8 - Episode 10 - In The Forest Of The Night


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The Episode 

A young girl comes to the TARDIS searching for The Doctor, who she has "thought" about coming to see for help. It turns out that her sister ran away the previous year and since then this girl has been having thoughts that can only be blotted out by medication. Meanwhile, Clara and Danny are taking Year 8 Special and Gifted group from Coal Hill to a museum (this is where the girl, Maebh, has run off from). They wake up to find a forest has grown outside the museum, and all across the World. The Doctor, Clara, Danny and Year 8 must find out what's going on and see how they can save London!

The Review

I've seen some fairly negative stuff about this episode, but I actually really enjoyed it. I don't think it will go down as a "classic" but I think it was enjoyable to watch. One of the really good things about the episode for me was, strangely, also one of the worst. I thought all of the child actors were really good, and will probably all go on to do good things, but I don't think their characters weren't written very well. Maybe that's not the best way to put it; I think they were written TOO well. They were (mostly) overly annoying, which I understand is how they came into the episode, that they were the "special and gifted" kids from the school who would all eventually come together a form a big "team", but they didn't need to be so irritating.

I also really enjoyed not having a specific monster in the episode, especially after such an intense one last week, it was refreshing to have a story where there was in fact no monster, just the Doctor having to make people better and inspiring them to be better people.

Some of the comedy was also good. As I have said before, when Doctor Who tries to be funny it normally fails. However, when the whole of an episode isn't trying to be funny, but characters are given specific lines that are funny, this works really well. I was pleased to see Clara and Danny mend their problems at the end even if, judging by the next time trailer, that won't last for long.

Missy also made an appearance again at the end. Watching Clara on her TV Monitor this time. I will be collecting all my thoughts on the finale in a post on Monday 27th October.

Finally, although the story was perhaps a little flaky, it's a great one to watch if you don't feel like your brain can comprehend something too complicated, as I did yesterday. I definitely think it was one of the better episodes this series, although all have been good. As always, the Directing was top notch as well, and the CGI looked like something out of a video game (which is to say, great!)

A flaky story, that is fun to watch if you don't want to engage your brain too much! 


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