Doctor Who Review: Series 8 - Episode 7 - Kill The Moon

NOTE: This review contains spoilers for Kill The Moon. 

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The Episode

The Doctor and Clara take one of Clara's students to the moon to be the first woman there, but when they arrive they find that the moon is breaking apart (we later find out its an egg that's hatching), and have to decide whether or not to blow it up. The Doctor then leaves (for some reason) and Clara, her student and one of the astronauts they meet must decide whether to blow it up or not. Eventually they decide to, but - at the last minute Clara stops the detonation and the Doctor comes back, claiming that he knew Clara would do this. She then gets mad and walks out of the TARDIS telling him to get lost. 

The Review

As you may have seen on our Twitter feed, I had no idea whether I liked last nights episode or not. Literally no idea. I liked some of the middle, and I thought the end was acted amazingly by Jenna and could be (depending if it is simply ignored or not in the next episode) really fun to see how they handle, and whether it means we won't see Clara for the next few weeks. 

Throughout I there was some amazing CGI, which possibly explains the bad quality earlier if they blew that part of the budget on this episode. The shots of the earth always get me, even if we've seen them a thousand times before in Doctor Who. 

However, I also think the story had some painful moments. Why were the astronauts ALL British, but working for NASA? Where did the spiders come from? Why the hell would the Doctor take that school-girl into space just to prove to her that she's "special"? Surely he would just say he's sorry, then - when she's gone - say something sarcastic and we would be free from the only wooden acting of the episode. Also, why did she have that disinfectant with her while she was in the space-suit? 

I think another fatal flaw was the time taken to make the decision. In reality it would take a few seconds for everyone to decide to blow it up, to save themselves - that's just human nature. I really don't think anyone would potentially sacrifice the whole planet just so the moon could hatch. 

Overall I didn't really like the episode all that much. But I still think people should give it a watch and talk about it with their friends as it presents some interesting ethical conundrums throughout. I don't think some things weren't very realistic, even for Doctor Who, but some others were done amazingly well. And I don't think the title sums up the episode at all. How about Conundrums, as that truly is what it will bring in the future. Will Clara stick with the Doctor or won't she? At the time, would they blow up the moon or not? Why did the new "egg" look exactly the same as the old one? 

Kill The Moon sparks interesting debates, but perhaps didn't work all that way as an episode of Doctor Who. 


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