Doctor Who Review: Series 8 - Episode 8 - Mummy On The Orient Express

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Note: May Contain Spoilers For Mummy On The Orient Express

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The Episode

The Doctor takes Clara on a "last horrah" in which they visit the Orient Express. However, Poirot is nowhere to be found, instead they encounter an ancient Mummy "known as The Foretold" that only the victim can see. Together they must stop the Foretold claiming any more victims and save the train, all the while the Doctor must convince Clara to stay. 

The Review

To re-visit a point I made last week that it would be great if Clara decided to actually leave the Doctor alone for at least a few episodes, I was annoyed that at the beginning of this one she returned seemingly with no ill-feelings any more. Which I am irritated about, seeing as she did seem very angry, and I doubt that anger would simply go away in such a short space of time (to us at least). Anyway, that's not how they did it, but I wanted to briefly address that. 

I actually really enjoyed this episode. Mostly. I thought some of the humour was sometimes a little annoying, and that some parts where a little overacted, but apart from that I thought it was really good. The monster was almost really terrifying as well, sadly because of the humour I think that the scariness was drawn away slightly, but it definitely was there. Whoever was in the costume did a great job as well - I genuinely thought the movements were extremely life-like in the mummy costume (in the sense that that is how I imagine a Mummy would walk).

I feel I should mention again how brilliant the music has been this series so far, especially in this episode with "Foxes" performing Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" as a jazz piece, which was awesome. But I think Murray Gold's soundtracks have been so individual sounding per-episode, and that's great. It makes a change from the endless repetition of "I Am The Doctor" which is a great song, but not when you hear it every five seconds should someone as much as move.

I did, however, think that there were too many killings considering they were extremely similar each and every time with little variety. Also, who is GUS? Only time will tell....

 A great episode, with a great monster, great costumes and and awesome soundtrack. 


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