Doctor Who Review: Series 8 - Episode 9 - Flatline

NOTE: This review contains spoilers for Flatline. 

Poster copyright Stuart Manning and RadioTimes. 

The Episode

This episode sees the Doctor trapped inside a smaller-on-the-outside-than-normal TARDIS, forcing Clara to go solo and try to get to the bottom of why people are being trapped in the walls. Clara and her "companion" Rigsy must go deep to find out they answer and try to defeat the (eventually named) Boneless. 

The Review

Despite the average title, I thought Flatline really impressed. The monster was great and actually really creepy - something that has been missing from Doctor Who and I feel has come back really well this series. I just hope that they don't become over used and get boring, just like I felt the Weeping Angels did. 

For people that don't like Clara, last nights episode must have been a nightmare, but personally I enjoyed her venture into the spotlight. As always we had superb acting from Jenna Coleman (who has really grown into Clara's expanded character, and I have really enjoyed watching that growth) and I think her scene's were balanced well enough with the Doctor's so as we didn't feel he wasn't there enough, but has happened in the past and feels a little odd. 

Something else that was a little odd (and I saw commented on on Twitter a lot) was Missy's part in last night's episode, which she seemed to be watching with us via BBC iPlayer on her iPad! Jokes aside, I do think that was a little strange and the comment she made about her watching the Doctor and Clara was a little creepy, but I'm looking forward to see where her character goes and what she has chosen Clara for. (Note: I will be writing a post on my predictions for the end of this series over the next couple of weeks including bits on Missy.)

 A cool episode, with a great monster that leaves me looking forward to next week!


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