Making Gamotere: Part 1 - Deciding The Name

In the first part of this new series looking over how Nerd & Proud became Gamotere, we take a look at the name and how it came about. 

Choosing the name for a blog is possibly the most important thing you will do in the beginning of making it. Forget how it looks for the moment, forget what social networks you're going to link yourselves to; this is how you will be remembered by everyone that reads it for as long as you commit to it.

So, when I chose Nerd & Proud I thought "Yeah! That sounds cool!" What I should have thought was "That's a cool name, but so many people use it as a hashtag on Twitter and there are other companies with the same name out there. Let's keep thinking." If I had done that back in July then I would have had a much easier time over the last month or so. Even if I changed it after I'd chosen the name and found another Twitter account with it then I would have been fine. But no, I didn't.

I felt the need for change when I realised that Nerd & Proud was not as memorable, or as unique as I had even days after changing it. This was probably the beginning of September and I recall thinking "If I'm going to change it, I better do it soon and this is the last time I can really do it." I think all sites have a free-pass for one name change; after that there's no more, you stick with it. So, I used my free pass, my Get Out Of Jail Free for all you Monopoly fans out there. But obviously I faced a rather large problem. What the hell should I call it?

I Googled something like "How to pick a good blog name," but in a longer sentence that probably didn't make sense, but so is the nature of Google. After looking through some useless articles that didn't help me at all I found something which said to write down what your blog's focuses are and that I should not be totally specific. eg. Write reviews but also write score and stuff like that. So I did, and soon I'd filled a page of A4 with things that I think of as focuses. Then the site told me to go through and cross out the words I didn't want in the name. This ended up being most of them, and the ones I had left were not all that great either.

So I thought I could take inspiration from the blog I already had and I looked at the categories on the main page. Immediately Gaming, Movies, and Reviews jumped out at me. Of course, these had been on my list but not next to each other. Then I pondered what other things I write about a lot. Doctor Who. Obviously I couldn't have that in the title, but I could have TV? I wondered if there was such a word that combined all of these things. I don't believe there is, but I thought "What about taking the first two letters of each word?" GaMoTV was my first attempt, but it didn't feel right.

The next was Gamote, which still sounds odd to me. So I thought about adding in Reviews as well. Gamotere was born. I really liked the name, and it stuck with me in my head as well, it didn't just fade into the back of my mind never to be seen again; it was memorable.

I had come up with the name, what about the look for the new blog? Find out next week!  


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