Only One Post This Week? UPDATED

So, you may have noticed that there is only one post this week, and that it came out just now. (So go read it!)

There is a reason for this. I am preparing something for the blog that is going to be big and is going to change things a little. To be clear, all the posts and stuff you enjoy reading will stay, but our name will be different.

When the blog reaches 1000 views I will update this post with the new name, what it means and why I decided to change it and then you'll see the new branding roll out over all our networks this week.

Thanks for reading Nerd and Proud!

------- UPDATE -------

Jeez that was quick!

Wow, well as promised the new name for Nerd and Proud is Gamotere! You have no idea what that word means or how to pronounce it do you? Don't worry....

Gamotere is a combination of the first two letters of

GAming MOvies TEle REviews

which I feel really shows what we do more than Nerd and Proud did. Also, if you search Nerd and Proud on Google you get so many results and it just becomes too confusing, so Gamotere is a great new name I thing that suits us. 

I'm still deciding on the final logo's but they will probably be up in the next few days. 

The blog URL will change and I am working on having a redirect link from to whatever the new one is. 

So, what do you think? Like it, hate it? Let me know on Twitter @Gamotere! 


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