Tomb Raider Review: Part 1 - The Look

In the first part of our Tomb Raider Review, we take a look at THE Look of the game. This includes the setting and how good it looks.  

Tomb Raider is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Even on my awful, rather old PC, Tomb Raider somehow manages to look brilliant. The game is set on the mysterious island of Yamatai, and is a place filled with natural and human dangers. In the early parts of the game wolves are often found attacking Lara Croft, whilst later on the threat comes from men who inhabit the island and worship the Sun Queen Himiko. The island has been expertly crafted and looks fabulous as does the detail that's gone into the man made structures; such as the villages where enemies are camping in wait for Lara.

Soruce: - 4K Screenshot
Possibly some of the best detail has gone into the plethora of dead bodies that are dotted around the island. You see the grizzily details and almost how the died right in front of you. Speaking of death, Lara is sure to die at least once, and I found myself almost willing that to happen to see the amazing death scenes that Crystal Dynamics had created. My particular favourites are when Lara has to parachute down a fairly narrow gorge-like thing and there are two ways to die; be impaled on a tree branch through your stomach, or your throat. I urge you to try and see both, as they really are very well done.

Source: - 4K Screenshot

I think what also really helps compliment the islands details, is the superb lighting effects, which are always on the go to highlight important detail and to provide creepy shadows when needed. Obviously this is a great looking game, but to look this good a game needs to have really been loved by the developers and the amount of care that needs to be put in is huge. It's very obvious that Crystal Dynamics had this love, and so gave this care to the game. It certainly paid of and what they've created is extraordinary.

Tomb Raider looks gorgeous everywhere, and shows the love and care put in by the Dev's. 


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