Making Gamotere: Part 2 - The Look

In the second part of this series looking over how Nerd & Proud became Gamotere, we take a look at how the look of the site came about. 

A big part of why I first considered changing the name of Nerd & Proud was because I didn't like the way the site was looking, and I didn't feel I could go any further as to creating logo's for the "brand".

I started on the new look by looking at the logo, as that inspires the rest of the site. For example, on the old site, the logo was white, with a blue background. So, the site had a blue background with white text and links. I then changed the logo to have an orange coloured text, however the text on the site stayed the same. I really liked the orange I'd chosen for the new text in Nerd and Proud, so wanted to keep that when transfering. Not only did I like it, but it also gave a good point to stay the same in the transition.

So, building from that I had to choose a font. I tried to keep the old font at first, but it really didn't work with the word Gamotere, so I searched on the internet for a font I could use, that I also like the look of. Eventually I came across one called Helium, which I thought looked really cool, and really fitted. Originally, I was going to have the logo all lower case, however after thinking over it (and realising I hadn't saved the file by accident) I thought all upper was better.

I then moved on to thinking about the icon. That was something I thought was lacking in the Nerd and Proud logo (which I did try to rectify, but looked awful). I thought over what I could do, looked at some shapes in the editor I was using (which I really recommend, it's called, is free and very easy to use, link at the bottom) and I saw an arrow. It didn't look anything special, but when I drew one and changed it a little, it started to look like it would really fit into what I was building.

I had to muck about with the font a little then so it fitted into the arrow, and across the rest of the header image, but I got it sorted eventually. After that, I had to decide on a background. Before it had been dark, so I decided to see how white looked, and low and behold - it really fitted with the orange text, in a way I didn't think it would.

The rest was simple, white site backgound and black fonts for the text - the look of Gamotere was born!

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