Tomb Raider Review: Part 3 - The Features

In the third part of our Tomb Raider Review, we look at the Features of the Game. This includes the Music, the voice acting, the User Interface (UI), how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NPC's behave in the game and the story. 

I would say that the music in Tomb Raider is good, but nothing to write home about. While it provides an interesting back-drop to the game and its characters, I wouldn't want to listen to it without the game in front of me, which is a big part of a soundtrack for me. That said, it is good and very well composed, but it needs the on-screen events to really make sense otherwise it really doesn't. However, it is really compromising to what's happening as you play, which is great and shows an amazing attention to detail.

The voice acting, however, is outstanding. Every actor really gets into their part, and makes their character a believable piece of the world we're traversing. With special mention to Camilla Luddington who plays Lara, and gets her completely. All the way through the game she makes you believe that the situation you're in is whatever it is, and although that sounds easy to do when it works, it really works: and you feel the emotions with the character.

I really don't like the UI in the game. The menus floating on the screen makes it feels like it was made for a controller (which I recommend you play this game with anyway, for the precision in shooting and the ease in which you can move around) but even when I do hook up my old Xbox 360 one, they are still a pain to navigate. But I do really like the weapons selection screen (you simply press up or down on the D-pad to switch weapons incredibly easily) and the cross-hair when you're about to shoot can be changed to either zoomed in or not, which can be very useful, although is perhaps not a massive thing in relation to the wider game.

The AI and NPC's are slightly different here from in other games I've reviewed, due to the fact this isn't a completely open world there aren't just NPC's walking around the villages, each one has been put there for a purpose which is, normally, to kill you; your job is to survive. However, massive attention to detail has obviosuly been put into each encounter with the enemy on the island as each wave comes just as Lara has learnt something new. It isn't simply "plop x number of baddies here, get the player to kill them".

I love the story in the game. It makes sense, it's engaging and it's also meaningful. As I mentioned before, you really get connected with all the characters and you want them to get off the island where they get shipwrecked, with as little damage as possible.

Despite the bad UI and OK music, the game's story and characters feel real and you care for them. 


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