A Change Of Focus

Over Christmas you might have seen this Tweet;

So this means a slight change of focus for the site. At some point (I'm not sure when) the site will become predominately PlayStation orientated - specifically PS4. This is because I don't want to have to focus on two different platforms - it's to hard for me to do. However, it's rare that games we cover on here don't come out on consoles and the PC - so it shouldn't be too different for you as a reader (hopefully).

Again, I don't know when exactly this change will come about. There are still some PC games that I would like to review//do features on and until then I will be moving away from PC News, and towards PS4 News which I'll be Tweeting about/re-Tweeting on Twitter.

So both platforms will be run simultaneously on here basically, but there will no longer be news Tweeted about PC.

I'll update this when the change has fully happened.

Have a great Christmas!


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