Game Watch 2014: My Game Of The Year - Far Cry 4

2014 has been an interesting year for Gaming, and Gamers alike. High profile issues such as "Gamer-Gate" have arisen and the triple A games have, mostly, been broken messes or hugely overhyped. But, as we adjust to a new console generation some shining lights have come through (whether they were a glitch because the character's face wasn't there remains to be seen).

It has also been a (rather) interesting year for myself. Not only did I start this blog, but I also acquired a PlayStation 4. The first game to enter the console was Far Cry 4, and it was love at first sight. Sure there have been ups and downs; the time I got attacked by an eagle and died.......three times - being one. But, the most important thing was there - fun.

Now, I haven't done my Far Cry 4 Review yet (that will be the first PlayStation Review on here) but I wanted to tell you why I have chosen it as my game of the year. Here goes....

Not only, as I mentioned before, is Far Cry one of the most purely fun games I've ever played, but its also one of the prettiest. As I'm driving, walking, flying around the world of Kyrat I'm constantly greeted by the sights of beautiful vista's that make me stop. Look. And keep looking. Wherever you are in the game there's something awesome to look at. The great thing about playing it on the PS4 is that the draw-distance is great (by that I meant much better than my crappy old PC) and you can see the gorgeous mountains from wherever you are.

I keep going on about it being fun, and I'll tell you why. I think it's the endless possibilities that you have in the world. You can choose to follow the (farily interesting) story, or simply go and muck about doing whatever you want. Liberating outposts, earning trophies, freeing bell towers or dive into co-op (something I've not done yet) - there is something for everyone and whatever you choose to do is unique to you. Which is amazing, if you think about that.

This is game of the year because I love it. Maybe it isn't the best game, if you look at some details (which I will in the proper review in 2015) then it perhaps doesn't hold up completely, but from what I've done, from what I've played it deserves this. Well done Ubisoft. Well done Far Cry.


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