Peter Jackson's Middle Earth: The Last Goodbye

In this post I reflect on this months final (probably) entry into Peter Jackson's imagination of J R R Tolkien's Middle Earth through The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. The Battle Of The Five Armies is our Movie Watch for November-December take a look here. 

How fitting. As I write this I am listening the the score of the final Lord Of The Rings film. For that is the power of Middle Earth, it comes through so many different mediums; whether you prefer to read, watch, listen to the books or the amazing music or, like me, all of them - there is something for you. I don't know many people who haven't delved into the world created here in one of those ways, and those who haven't I try to encourage (possibly a little to enthusiastically).

Not only do you have the classic means of getting into Middle Earth, but also the recently released Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor seems to be a promising buy for any Tolkien fans.

But I digress. The point of this post is to share my thoughts of the final entry in the current LOTR//Hobbit film franchise. Although less loved en-mass as The Lord Of The Rings films, the Hobbit has certainly not been a failure. The first two films have grossed a staggering $1,975,370,423 via the box-office and are ranked 18th and 25th (respectively) in the Box Office Worldwide profit rankings for individual films.

The Battle of The Five Armies is going to be interesting to watch. I for one certainly don't see how such a long film will be filled up, considering (going by the book) there isn't loads left to happen. I suppose the promised 45 minute battle-sequence will contribute to the overall running time. But it doesn't worry me, it just interests me. I fell very confident that whatever Peter Jackson has in store for us will be top-notch and a brilliant ending to the 6 films.

Looking back to Lord Of The Rings, I find myself hoping that at some point all 6 films a re-released (year after year) so people that didn't get to experience all of them in Cinema (like myself) get a chance to feel what it's like on the big screen.

As for whoever takes up the reigns on the next Middle Earth I wish them very good luck. Somehow I doubt it will be for a long time, and they (whoever it is) will have a very tough job to do. Only time will tell.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @Gamotere. 


The title of this post was inspired by Billy Boyd (Pippin - LOTR) song for the film. You can watch the beautiful track on YouTube right here


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