Should Jenna Coleman Leave Doctor Who?

Over the past few weeks the news has been broken (multiple times) that Jenna Coleman will, in fact, be staying in Doctor Who after Christmas. Nothing has been confirmed by the BBC yet, and it seems that we'll have to wait until Christmas to find out what's going to happen, so here's what I think should be done about it.

Honestly, I think we need a new companion. I love Clara, but I really think that her story has been told now, and it's time for Capaldi to get someone new to show the ropes to. That said, if Coleman left half way through (or a little less than that) series 9, then maybe it would be fun to see Capaldi get some solo-stories, as I loved them when David Tennant was Doctor (notable The Waters Of Mars is one of my favourite episodes, and one that I don't think gets recognised as much as it should). So that would be cool.

The story that broke in The Mirror said that Coleman had changed her mind, and wanted to stay until halfway through the next series, so maybe some solo-Capaldi could be an option.

The all really goes back to do I think there could be stories with Clara and The Doctor in? At this point in time, before we see the Christmas Special, I really don't think there are. Obviously that could all change, but it seemed as though her story was very intertwined with Danny. Danny isn't coming back from what I can see (I don't think they'd do that at Christmas, or the beginning of a new series) so whatever is left probably won't be part of a story-arc. Now, I've said before that I don't like the series that are just about story-arcs, and I don't - but it feels good to have a point to work towards almost. A point of anticipation.

So in an ideal world, Clara leaves at the start of the new series, or at the end of Christmas (which seems unlikely) and then we see some episodes where The Doctor has no companion. That would be amazing. But, I hope we say goodbye sooner rather than later. As I said, I love Clara and I want her to leave in a fitting way for the great companion that she's been - but I also want there to be a story that will have progression.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @Gamotere. 


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