SimCity Review: Part 1 - Graphics

In the first part of our SimCity Review we take a look at the overall quality of the graphics in the game. 

Please note this review is for SimCity 5 (from 2013) not one of the early games.

Obviously SimCity is a little different to other games I've reviewed here. Neither do you play as a "character" or follow a story - rather you build. That's all SimCity does (but does it VERY well) and that means I can't really review the graphics in the same way, so it will be a little different a little shorter than normal - but hopefully that will be made up for in the coming weeks.

The first thing that I noticed about SimCity when preparing to write this review was that it actually looks great. Some games of this type try to get away with below-par graphics. Which they do, but it really is noticeable when a company put in extra effort to make a game look top-notch.

For example you can zoom in on buildings to see what people are saying, and only then can you appreciate how much detail has been put into them. Every building has been designed with accuracy that is very impressive, and I love that.


The landscapes (or places where you build your city) also all look great, and fairly realistic as well, but in a mildly cartoon-ish way that add's to the game's charm. The water looks great and the designs of the city-scapes are great as they mean you can choose a different one each time and have a totally different gaming-experience to one you've had before - that really increases the almost endless re-playability even further for me.

Bouncing off that, you can also choose different layout's for your "Country" full of cities ranging from just a few, to 12 (which I believe is the largest). This also adds to me wanting to re-pick up the game. I'll talk more about the regions in a later part of the review.

For a strategy builder SimCity looks great in every way. 


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