SimCity Review: Part 2 - Inside The Game

In the second part of our review we look at the gameplay and what you actually do in game.

Please note that this review is for SimCity 5 (2013).

SimCity is obviously all about building. Your job as "Mayor" of your city is to build somewhere that can work independently by itself, but also together with the other cities in the region. This means each city must (at first, at least) contain a Fire Station, Hospital, Police Station, means of powering the city and of course enough homes, shops and industry (which are constructed by the Sims, but you tell them where they go) to keep your residents occupied and safe. Of course building School's, places of Worship and more recreational buildings helps eventually, but I tend to go into that after I've got my city up and running properly.

I find SimCity incredibly addictive. I sit down to play it when I have a moment thinking "I'll just play this for half an hour to fill time" and I end up still playing an hour and a half later, trying to make my city function. That is the nature of this game - it brings you in and doesn't let you leave. You really won't want to put it down after starting it due to the fact that there is so much to do.

Although there are hour's of fun in SimCity the same old formula does get a little tiresome eventually, and you do run out of stuff to do to help make the game seem different. But that takes either a long time, or a lot of playing for an extended length over a week or so (eg. racking up over an hour every day for a week left me wanting something different). But that's easily solved - just start another game, preferably something completely different until you start feeling the urge again - it won't take long.

If that does happen, but you still want to be playing SImCity (or you have nothing else to play) my suggestion would be either try completely new buildings, or really have a go at making a region work together as one - this can be really rewarding. What this means is that each city in your region has a specific job to do. For example you create one with lots of shops, houses and a Univeristy or Schools - and have that as your University City. Do the same with another to create a power station city, business - just trying combinations can be fun.

Although great fun, SimCity's formula can get a little boring after a while. 


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