Guin & The Dragon Review


Guin & The Dragon is a children's short TV show about a young girl who has just moved to a Council Estate where she is trying to fit in. The first thing I should make clear is that although this is a children's "programme" its also a nice little bit of TV for you to relax to after a hard day. You can switch of a little and just enjoy the story.

The story is one of the greatest qualities of the show. I found it to be engaging and the overall concept very well thought out, and clearly a lot of time when into the production. The story has several different directions. One leads off to a lot of "Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table" references which are ultimately portraying the main character, Guin, as a modern "Knight" who is trying to save one of her friends from the Dragon Lady, who represents the bad-guy in the story.

The other direction is about children trying to fit in in a different or new environment and shows that while not everybody will be accepting, everybody finds a way in to a friendship group. In this case the extreme is having to prove yourself, but even this shows that its good to stand out from the crowd, and put yourself forward to be noticed - even if you don't especially want to do so.

I enjoyed the running time and - for what the story was - I think it went on just the right amount. And although the potential is there for more, I think a one off is perfect. The short running time also gives the scope for a beginning that doesn't have to set itself up too much, and that can be jumped in to - which was superbly done here.

The child actors did a good job, but I think the main character of Guin really shone out from the crowd, and I see a very bright future for her on TV.

Overall I really enjoyed it, and I think the addition of excellent direction and back-stage team was very much appreciated. Although I do wish the BBC had granted a larger budget for CGI improvements and more of it!

A fun, short show that would only benefit from a larger budget. 


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