Hush Review

Hush is a story-arc from the Batman Comic Book (issues 608-619) from 2002-2003. It was written by Jeph Loeb, pencilled by Jim Lee, and inked by Scott Williams. Obviously it's and old book, but I only just read it recently and really wanted to review it as my first Comic Review on the site. 

As I tapped the screen on my tablet to progress to the next page of the comic book, the first thing that struck me was how beautiful it looked. From the off "Hush" shows a book pencilled with love and care and inked with just the same blend. Truly, this is something of a wonder for me and possibly spoils me slightly. I should mention that this is one of the comics I've read properly, and I if you are thinking of making the plunge beware of how addicted you are going to get, and also that this seems to be a great place to start.

For me, as somebody who loves the Batman story and universe this is the ideal place to jump in mainly due to the superb variety of characters that we meet. Some of whom I hadn't really heard of, so learning a little about them and then being able to look them up and find even more was very rewarding. It was also great to see a little of Superman and the relationship between DC's two most well known Superheroes which is frosty at best.

As well as showcasing old and beloved heroes and villains Hush also introduced the title role of "Hush" himself, who is linked heavily to Bruce Wayne and his younger days. (The character is also being used currently in Batman Eternal). In addition to this we were shown a slightly different side to Catwoman who was portrayed as seductive and more of a romantic partner to Bruce. It was interesting to see this, and how it impacted his thoughts as the comic was going on.

Of course, I am quite familiar with Batman and Bruce Wayne as characters, but it was great to build on what I already knew with a storyline that was not only engaging, but also featured an excellent exploration of Bruce's character and being able to see more of his childhood, and be introduced to one of his old friends was very cool. The story as a whole developed very nicely and moved with a steady flow that revealed information at just ithe right speed to keep me interested and wanting to come back. Although I did read it in the collected volume of all of the issues and if somebody read it issue by issue they may not feel completely satisfied with the enormous amount of money comics cost.

You may be familiar with the name "Hush" because of the synonymity with a bad, or not needed ending. Congratulations, you now know where this is from. After a great book a twist is unveiled at the end that, while not spoiling it, certainly was not necessary and should not have been used. I won't spoil it, but you can certainly look it up.

A stupid ending but otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable comic book, great as an introduction into the industry. 


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