The Eichmann Show Review

Why I Chose To Republish....

For me, this review presents the beginning of me start to "get" how to write for an audience, and get a little better at writing in general. The fact that, instead of some other reviews where I gave the premise beforehand, I was able to (finally) blend it and my thoughts together shows, I think, a progression in my way of going about writing them in general.


The Eichmann show is described as being the story of how a "ground-breaking producer and blacklisted director" attempted to film the trial of Adolf Eichmann who was eventually charged for war crimes amongst others. At the forefront of these sentences was his involvement with Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps.

The ninety minute special drama used both 21st Century footage shot with the actors who were used to film it, and also footage shot from the actual trial. This mixture creates an interesting blend that not only serves to keep the watcher on his or her toes, but also acts as a way to bridge the gap between this being a mere dramatisation, and it being an almost documentary. In fact, the history that is evident throughout and almost impossible to escape is handled expertly and in a way which makes you indentify with what is going on in front of you, as well and feel emotionally connected with the characters involved in the making. This adds to the stark contrast that pits Eichmann as a man who simply sat, stared and showed no compassion - refusing to take responsibility or even answer the questions presented to him.

The story of this trial was, in fact, handled so well that I, at no point, felt as though it was being dumbed down to hide the horrors behind a curtain of "it's not a documentary!". It more felt as though I wasn't being shown the whole thing - which obviously is impossible to create in an hour and a half production - but what I was being shown was explored so thoroughly that I got to grips with it, and understood - or began to understand - the horrors of this period in human history.

The shooting of the film, and the superb performances of all the actors helped to drag me in as I was watching and make me feel as though the events were unfolding around me, just as any good piece of drama should. The story started quickly and ended in just the same manner.


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