Why I'm Removing Review Scores

As of today, 20th February 2015, Gamotere as a site will not longer be using review scores for any of our reviews. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly I think that having a score immediately lessens the possibility of the person who has stopped by the blog, or clicked on the link actually reading the review and finding out why the reviewer, me in this case, gave it the score.

Defining something simply by a number on a page means that people don't ever look past that and consider why that score is there. It also lessens the fact that a review is an interpretation my the reviewer. It doesn't mean that it's the only opinion and it certainly doesn't mean its the right one. By removing a review score it becomes more of an opinion-editorial rather than a review.

The other reason is simple, even if it only falls for one part of what we cover here. I don't get early copies of games (yet, at least) meaning I can't get a review out straight as the embargo lifts. I have to play the game thoroughly before I can review it and this can take me a long time due to the myriad of commitments I have. This means that I never really influence the reader of the review whether to buy the game or not - it means that whatever I say is an opinion-editorial more than a review, and this is definitely something I am trying to push for with this.

So, I hear you ask, what will I have instead. Well (I plan to do this to all reviews I've written in the past on here and [obviously] in the future) I will be writing a simple list of pros and cons at the end of the review, which will be accompanied by a line of text describing my overall feeling about the product.

Game reviews are a little more complicated due to the breakouts over the four weeks leading up to the full review. In each part of the review I will put a positive or negative sign (ie. + or - ) to describe how I feel about that aspect of the game. This will be accompanied by a line of text. For the full review with final score I will do the normal pros and cons list and line describing my feelings.

I hope this is all clear, as is my reasoning behind it - if not please leave a comment or contact me on Twitter @Gamotere. Thank you for reading.


I will be updating all old reviews with this new policy from now onwards. This will be done from oldest to newest.


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