The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Knights Of The Nine DLC Review

On the second day of our Elder Scrolls DLC Review, I turn to Oblivion: Knights Of The Nine DLC. 

Knights Of The Nine (KOTN) is no way near as big and expansive as Shivering Isles is. Indeed, the story is only a few hours long and there is no extra world to unlock. But, that's not a bad thing. For KOTN does it right. Almost.

The story is a huge plus point in my mind, and, just as it was fascinating finding out more about the Blades, the Knights Of The Nine themselves are interesting to learn about. The story of them being an ancient order of Knights who are "guardians" of the Divines is fun to learn about, and as you do so the Gods become a little clearer.

While the story itself it great to play through, the lead up to this is, in fact, rather dull - unless you really love Oblivion and have an interest in exploring Cyrodiil for each of the statues of the Nine Divines around the province. This, as you can imagine, does take a long time (there are several helpful maps which you can find online to locate them more easily and quickly) however, again, if you really love the game this is perfect for you as you get to explore places you perhaps haven't before.

The Priory where the KOTN are "kept" is an awesome place to explore and has many secrets to give, should you wish to uncover them. In fact, everything in there is very useful and the quest-line grants some very helpful weapons and armor.

The ending, too is very memorable and the final "boss" battle is actualy fairly challenging compared to most others in the game.


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