1 Million Bloodborne & The Witcher 3 Is Gold! - Game Watch Weekly #14

The week's biggest PlayStation stories, and my reactions to them! First published: 17/04/2015.

Please note that this is a day early due to me being away for the weekend. Hence, some stories from Friday and Saturday will not be here.  

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Goes Gold

In a press release on Thursday, developers of the Witcher - CD Projekt Red - announced that the game had officially gone gold and therefore the development process was over. This comes after several delays to the game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be released Worldwide on May 19th. 

I really can't wait for this game. It looks gorgeous and so much fun to play. What do you think? Have you played the previous Witcher games? Let me know in the comments!

The Order: 1886 Gets A Photo Mode

Photo-mode has been added to the The Order. The "much requested feature" lets users take, edit and share photos from the game. However, activating the photo mode disables the camera bias option, which lets players choose where the camera is placed.

While The Order may not have had huge critical acclaim, something everybody agreed on was that it was beautiful. The photo-mode can only be a good thing as it lets you get the best out of an already stunning game!

March PS Store Results Revealed

Sony has released the best selling PlayStation games for March, from purchases on the PSN. Here are the top five for the PS4: Bloodborne, Battlefield Hardline, Surgeon Simulator, Helldivers. 

Bloodborne Sells One Million Copies...

From Software has announced that Blooborne has sold "through one million copies". Bloodborne was released last month exclusively for PlayStation 4 and proved to be the exclusive that the system really needed after the somewhat failure of The Order earlier this year. 

That's a brilliant milestone to reach, especially considering that the game hasn't been out for ages. I still haven't picked up a copy, but I plan to in the near future. Have you played it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

...And Will Get A Patch To Reduce Load Times 

In a post on the PlayStation blog, Sony announced that a patch to reduce load times in addition to "performance optimizations". It's not yet clear exactly when the patch will hit except "before the end of the month". 

Journey Is Coming To PS4

"Sony is preparing to release a remastered PlayStation 4 collection of three games developed by award-winning indie studio ThatGameCompany.The trilogy, due for release in the summer, will package FlOw, Flower, and Journey onto one Blu-ray disc." From Gamespot by Rob Crossley

As somebody who hasn't played any of this games and doesn't own a PS3 this is very exciting! I can't wait to get my hands on it, especially because of how beautiful they all look. 

NPD Results For March

The NPD has released its monthly report for the month of March, and in it they announce that the PS4 is once again the best selling console. Last month Nintendo's New 3DS took the top spot, but whether that was simply because of the launch of their "new" model remains to be seen.

Uncharted Movie Details Leaked 

I'm not reading or writing about this, but from what I understand the details are from the Sony hack late last year. If you want to read about it click here for the Gamespot article, but I assume there will be spoilers. If you want to go to the film without knowing anything, as I do, I suggest you don't click on the link. 

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