Elder Scrolls Online & Witcher 3 Are Massive! - Game Watch Weekly #15

The week's biggest PlayStation stories, and my reactions to them! First published: 25/04/2015.

PS4 Update 2.51 Released 

A new patch which builds upon the previous 2.5 has been released by Sony for the PS4. It's aboutn 254mb and only implements minor fixes. The popping up of the Rest Mode notification has not been fixed.  

Witcher 3 Map Revealed....

CD Projekt Red, developers of the Witcher series, have revealed the map in which the player will be exploring. Not only does it look huge, it encompasses more than one area! Click here to view the Gamespot story and screenshots of the map. 

I can't wait to eventually get my hands on the Witcher, although it may not be as soon as I want, due to the release of Elder Scrolls Online less than a month later. I'm limiting myself to one or the other. For the moment. 

...And New TV Spot Revealed

Continuing the torrent of Witcher 3 news from the past few weeks is the reveal of the games' TV spot. It's pretty awesome. Click here to watch on their official YouTube Channel.

I do love a good trailer. I'm a little torn whether this is a good one or not. Geralt's voice is a little too gravelly for me, but he does look like a badass killing that griffin-thing. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!  

Journey Soundtrack Will Be Released On Vinyl 

The Grammy nominated soundtrack for ThatGameCompany's 2013 PlayStation exclusive Journey will be released on Vinyl, with pre-orders already open! The soundtrack, composed by Austin Wintory, will be shipped on two beautiful vinyl picture disks. For a look at them, check out the Gamespot story

Elder Scrolls Online Console Beta Has Begun! 

Beta for the The Elder Scrolls Online's release for consoles on the 9th of June has begun. Bethesda warns that not all who applied will have gotten in. If you didn't but are planning to get the game, please be aware that you'll need to carve a hefty 65 GB hole in your disk drive. That's 50GB on Blu-Ray disks, and a 15GB day one patch. Wow. 

65GB is huge, especially with such a big day one patch for the people who don't buy the digital version because of a slow internet. Saying that, I suppose the game will require a fairly good speed due to its MMO-ness. While this does (for some strange reason) put me off a little, I'm still super stoked to get back into Tamriel!

Submerged Announced For PS4

"Following its initial reveal last year, Australian indie developer Uppercut Games on Friday announced that its new action-adventure game Submerged will be released on PlayStation 4. As you can see in the game's gorgeous announcement trailer below, Submerged is set in a city that--for reasons you'll uncover throughout the game--has become flooded and overgrown." By Eddie Makuch on Gamespot 

If you haven't already, you really need to check this out. Not only does this gorgeous trailer intrigue me, it also makes me excited to delve into this world and find out what happened! I can't wait to play this and I will definitely have some content on here about it. 

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