I've Fallen In Love With Suits

Yes, Suits and I are having a fling! Not as in the clothing item (if we were on Facebook that relationship would be described as "it's complicated") but the legal drama. First; a little background.

The reason I've been watching Suits is because I got a free trial of Amazon Prime - and with it a trial of Instant Video, which has the first three seasons of Suits for "free". I've always seen adverts for it on Dave (if you're not from the UK it's a TV channel [don't ask why it's called Dave]) and thought "Hmm, maybe I should watch that." So I took the plunge. And, as you can probably tell by the title I'm really quite glad I did.

It was love at first sight. Suits follows a Mike Ross as he blags his way into Pearson Hardman - a law firm - without having ever graduated with a law degree. It twists and turns a bit on the way a more people than should know end up finding out, but they protect him.

The reason why I find Suits to quench the thirst I had for a good drama is the prefect blend it has of legal-trial based drama and the more personal relationships inside the firm. And - for Mike - outside it as well.

Out of the two and a half seasons I've watched, the first is probably the weakest, but that's simply because the formula was still being figured out. In season one it was a new case every episode, with no overarching theme. However, in both season two and (from what I've watched of it) three there is an overall, big, immensely important case which the whole firm is working to restore, as well as smaller ones which are focused on so as to keep the audience engaged.

Another part of the draw into Suits for me is that it isn't just about the drama and relationships of working in a law firm, it is also genuinely a funny show with laugh-out-loud moments. Even if the main characters have a case about murder going on, there will always be a sub-plot where another group are doing something more off the wall, which can lead to this more personal brand of humour.

To top it all of - to put the cherry on the cake, we have the thing I never fail to notice. The superb acting. There seems to be no weak character and every actor has not only fully embraced their role, but really seems to live it as well.

I think you might like Suits, why not have a watch? Let me know what you think of it on Twitter @Gamotere or in the comments below!


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