The Story Of World 1-1 - An Interview With The Creators : Part 1

World 1-1 documents the story of Atari as video games started to become a "thing". It was made by two people and that is incredible. Those same two people answered these questions in completely their own words. Here they are unedited for your enjoyment. To buy the film, see the link at the bottom of this post. 

What was the biggest challenge while creating World 1-1?
Once we were able to get funding for the film via Kickstarter (which was not an easy process), the other biggest challenge in creating World 1-1 was the fact we had a small crew (2 people). This was tough especially when we traveled with a lot of heavy equipment. We also had about 40 hours of footage, so classifying and editing all that was also quite the process. We learned and grew as filmmakers during these challenges, which will better prepare us for future ones.

Why did you decide to make the documentary?
A few years back, Daryl read Tristan Donovan's book, Replay. About a year after knowing Daryl, he told me (Jeanette) that he wanted to see something done about it on film. I agreed that no one had really focused on this history and that it was time that someone documented this story. After some talk and reading the book, I really encouraged the idea, and we both decided to take on this project. Originally, we wanted to cover the whole history, but quickly realized it was too much to cover in one film, so we narrowed it down to telling the story of Atari, as it was an inspiring and interesting chronology of events with fascinating personalities. Additionally, the history of video games is younger than that of film and just as interesting, but we realized we still had the pioneers of the video game industry around, which wasn't the case for film. Although books have been published on the topic, there wasn't a lot of video content about the history of games at that time, and we thought it was an ideal moment to search for these pioneers and capture their story. We wanted to create a film that showed the story in a vivid and personal way.

While making the film did you find out anything that shocked or surprised you and anything you didn't know?
Well a lot of the more private stories about their families, like Al's for example, were unknown to us or how they got into the industry (some of which are included in the film and others which will be included in Special Features). Also, it really moved us just how sincere and emotional some of their stories were. We could tell by listening to them that their time at Atari was something incredible and that some of the events truly impacted them for the rest of their lives.


A huge thank you to Daryl and Jeanette for answering these questions, and for reaching out to me in the first place. Part two of the story of World 1-1 will be published next Thursday. 


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