The Story Of World 1-1 - An Interview With The Creators: Part 2

World 1-1 documents the story of Atari as video games started to become a "thing". It was made by two people and that is incredible. Those same two people answered these questions in completely their own words. Here they are unedited for your enjoyment. To buy the film, see the link at the bottom of this post. 

How did you go about making the film?

Well first we wrote out a script and considered the story arc for the film. Then we searched out a cast and contacted those individuals we were interested in having in our film. Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari, jumped on board, so we knew at that point that we had a good chance of getting a good cast of people, and we did. Once we had all that, we moved into finding options to fund the film and went with Kickstarter. In hindsight, we did not prepare for Kickstarter as much as we could have and learned a lot from the experience. It was a tough 30 days of trying to raise our goal, but we made it at the last minute, thanks to an investor. Once we had the funds, we started production the next month and covered about half of the interviews. Due to scheduling conflicts with some of our interviewees, we were unable to get everyone on one trip, which would have been great to save funds and highly recommended. We traveled out again in March of 2014 and wrapped up production. Once we got back, we categorized the footage by chapter to go along with our story arc and we then we begun the editing process, which took about 3-4 months. After all that hard work, we had the pleasure of screening our film privately to about half of our cast in San Francisco, a small Atari reunion of sorts, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives.

Will there be a World 1-2 that tells the next chapter?
We hope to make World 1-2. Right now, we are focused on the success of World 1-1, which is largely up to our audience. Purchasing the film helps a lot and tweeting or sharing about it on social media also helps us. We'd love to be able to find another funding opportunity that would allow us to make World 1-2. It'll take a larger budget given our desire to cover Nintendo and PC gaming. Another aspect of this is having Nintendo open their doors to us and be willing to tell the story. Establishing that trust will be crucial and it might take some time before we can make it inside.

A huge thank you to Daryl and Jeanette for answering these questions, and for reaching out to me in the first place. 


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