World 1-1 Movie On Gamotere: 16th - 30th April

This theme is now over. The archive for the posts is below. Thank you for reading!

In the middle of March Daryl Rodriguez and Jeanette Garcia reached out to me to cover their film, World 1-1, in some way. Little did they know that I'd already seen their movie and I was planning do something about it anyway. I jumped at the opportunity and asked if they would mind answering a few of my questions about the film to act as feature posts over the coming weeks. They kindly agreed and the deed was done. World 1-1, a film about the early history of video games and their pioneers that made it a "thing" then subsequently almost destroyed it would be appearing on my humble blog.

Before I let you know the schedule for the next three weeks, I'd like to thank Jeanette and Daryl for reaching out - I'm really glad this happened! Please support them by buying World 1-1 here. Thank you!

The schedule for the next three weeks is as follows;

Thursday 16th: World 1-1 Movie Review
Thursday 23rd: The Story Of World 1-1 - Part 1
Thursday 30th: The Story Of World 1-1 - Part 2


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