Assassin's Creed Syndicate & E3 News - Game Watch Weekly #17

The week's biggest PlayStation stories, and my reactions to them! First published: 16/05/2015.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Officially Announced 

On Tuesday, Ubisoft officially announced the next Assassin's Creed game - Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - along with its release date, and awesome gameplay footage. The game will be released on the 23rd October 2015 on Xbox One and PS4. The PC version was slated for "Autumn 2015" in the trailer. There are two protagonists; Jacob and Evie Frye who are a brother and sister assassin duo. Jacob is seen to be more brash than Evie, who seems to be the more level-headed of the two characters. 

In addition to this, combat looks to have been changed, and carriage combat added to the game, which has a Victorian London setting. There's also a brand new grappling hook for traversing the city. For even more, click here for the Gamespot article.  

As you may have seen during my live-Tweeting while the live-streamed announcement was happening, I actually think this looks very cool although I really don't like the name. I wish it was called Victory, as leaked by Kotaku last year.

Best Selling Games On PSN From April

Sony has released their monthly list of best-selling games on the PlayStation Network. PS4: Mortal Kombat XBloodborne, MLB 15: The Show, Grand Theft Auto V and Shovel Knight. PS3: Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, Batman: Arkham Origins, Grand Theft Auto IV and MLB 15: The Show. Vita: Shovel Knight, Batman: Arkham Origins, Blackgate, MLB 15: The Show, Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition and One Piece: Unlimited World Red.

Divinity: Original Sin Coming To PS4 & Xbox One

"Following Divinity: Original Sin's celebrated launch last year for PC--it was GameSpot's overall PC Game of the Year--developer Larian Studios on Friday announced that the turn-based role-playing game is coming toXbox One and PlayStation 4 by way of an Enhanced Edition. Published by Focus Home Interactive, the Enhanced Edition is described as a "full makeover" of the original game--which has sold nearly 1 million copies--featuring a "truckload" of changes, creative director Swen Vincke tells GameSpot." From Gamespot by Eddie Makuch

I didn't pay too much attention to Original Sin when it came out last year - in fact it wasn't on my radar at all. However, from what I've seen of it because of this announcement, it actually looks really beautiful and a lot of fun! Have you played it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments! 

The Full PlayStation E3 Press Conference Detailed

Sony has announced that, as normal, the PlayStation press conference will be held at 6pm PDT on Monday, June 15th. 
Bethesda is kicking things of on Sunday, June 14th at 6.30 pm PDT. Microsoft begins Monday, June 15th at 9.30 am PDT, then EA at 1pm, Ubisoft at 3pm, and (as mentioned) Sony at 6pm. On Tuesday, June 16th Nintendo has a live-stream (as normal) at 9am, then Square Enix (see the next post) and PC Gamer's PC Gaming Show at 5pm. 
Over the next week I'll outline my plans for E3 coverage.

Square Enix Has Moved Its E3 Press Conference

Due to a clash with Nintendo's E3 conference, Square Enix has moved its conference from 9am to 10am. Hopefully this will mean that they don't clash over each other and that people can watch both!

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