Bloodborne Expansion & Witcher Gets Patched - Game Watch Weekly #18

The week's biggest PlayStation stories, and my reaction to each and every one of them. 
First published: 23/05/2015. 

God Of War 3 Remastered Pre-Order Comes With PS Now Rentals 

If you live in North America and have pre-ordered God Of War 3 Remastered then, on release, you'll recieve access to PlayStation Now versions of the first two games, which can be streamed to the PS4. Alongside this, you'll also get a PS4 theme for the game. God Of War 3 Remastered releases on PS4 in July. Pre-orders are open now.

I don't plan to play the remastered God Of War 3, simply because I haven't played the first two and don't want to stream them through PS Now. I imagine a few other people are thinking the same as me, however I wouldn't be surprised if this addition with the pre-order would entice people into buying it.  

New Sony UK Studio To Work On Morpheus Games

This week Sony announced that a new studio, which they are calling their North West Studio, will be opened to solely work on Project Morpheus games. The studio will be based in Manchester in the UK and will borrow developers from Evolution who developed Drive Club, which was released last year. 

I'm actually very worried about Project Morpheus as a PlayStation fan. I really don't see VR taking off in the way everybody seems to think it will, and it it does, I doubt it will be Morpheus. Partially due to the fact that the PS4 probably won't be able to handle it and also because most people know about Occulus Rift over this. I hope that Sony's E3 conference doesn't take a Morpheus centric view as well, because I feel that could be very damaging. 

Bloodborne Expansion Confirmed

President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Shuei Yoshida announced on Wednesda that Blooborne will be getting its first expansion. The DLC will come "later this year" to the critically acclaimed RPG.

Watch The Sony E3 Conference In Movie Theatres For Free!

For the second year in a row, Sony is holding the "PlayStation E3 Experience". It allows fans across North America and Canada to travel to their nearest (participating) movie theatre and watch Sony's press conference for free. Tickets, while limited, have increased from last year. At the end of the event, everyone that attends will receive a special "PlayStation surprise". 

To grab a ticket, go here at 9 am PDT on Wednesday 27th May. 

Witcher 3 Patch On Its Way

CD Projekt Red has announced that they are working on a patch for The Witcher that increases the size of text in the game. Users have complained about text being small and hard to read.

I must say that I've noticed the small text as well. It isn't tiny and I can't not see it, but it is certainly noticeable and that's from somebody with pretty good eye-sight. Hopefully this will come ASAP, but CD Projekt have announced that it won't be until next week at the earliest.

"The Player" Trademarked By Sony

On the 18th May Sony filed a new trademark for something called "The Player". While the trademark was filed by Sony Pictures Television, it appears to also have ties to gaming. It covers both video game software and dramatic television series. Bearing in mind that E3 isn't too far away, and announcment could be imminent. 

Whether this amounts to anything, only time can tell. But, the name is certainly intriguing. From hearing "The Player" alone, I'd assume that it was a reality show or something like that. But seeing that it seems to be a game-TV cross over muddies the water even further.  

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