The Chair On Kickstarter: An Interview With Peter Simeti

Last week, I saw a Tweet asking if any bloggers wanted to cover an indie movie adaptation of a comic book called "The Chair". I jumped at the chance. The Tweet was from Peter Simeti and just a few days later he kindly agreed to answer some questions about the film.

How would you describe "The Chair" in one Tweet? (140 Characters)

"The feel-good horror film of the year! A real tear-jerker romantic comedy about an inmate and his Warden." 
Hmmm that might not be the best description actually. 

How's this one: "An innocent man on death row must confront his own horrifying past in order to survive against the prison's sadistic & psychotic Warden." 

And here's one with a little more oomph: "A star-studded cast in one of the darkest comic book films to date. No zombies. No vampires. On death row, the only monster is man."

...crap, that's 3 tweets.

"The Chair" isn't a traditional comic-book movie, do you think we'll start to see more darker, grittier, adult adaptations of comic books, or will it continue to be a predominantly superhero scene?

I think we already are seeing darker, grittier comic adaptations. Superman's almost as dark as Batman now. The Avengers are going to be entering a Civil War. Everyone's brooding and brows are furrowing. For some character's that's awesome and that's how they should be. But overall, I'm disappointed with how dark comics are getting. I know that might sound weird coming from a guy that wrote a comic as dark as THE CHAIR but I'm as much a fan of the brightly colored do-gooders as I am a fan of the gritty stuff. Everything can't be bright and everything can't be dark. It's a shame to see every character becoming Batman or Wolverine. That's what makes those guys special and it's what makes the brighter characters special. I don't want to see consistent frowns and scowls on Superman's face. But, hey that's just my opinion.

Was it hard turning "The Chair" from a comic book to a movie?

Probably the hardest aspect was removing or tweaking the heavy narration of the comic. But I think that's probably the hardest part of adapting any comic book that isn't team-centric. Always lots of inner thought and narration going on that just doesn't work so much on film. But I think we found a good mix of original material that adds to the characters and storyline in the comic and that's all you could hope for on any adaptation.

What was the process through which you created the film?

That's a really big question to answer but it mostly went the way that most film's seem to go. You write the screenplay, then find cast & crew, then you find money (sometimes you find money first but in indie films you're usually not that lucky), then production starts and then post-production. Right now we're in the midst of our post-production Kickstarter: and I invite everyone to come out and help us finish this film while also getting one-of-a-kind rewards that they just can't and won't get anywhere else.

When can we expect to see "The Chair"?

It's mostly up to whatever distributor we sign with but we're hoping for some time in 2016.


I just briefly wanted to thank Peter Simeti for answering my questions. Check out the link below to find out more about The Chair, and to support it on Kickstarter. 


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