Everybody's Gone To The Rapture & Tales Of Zestiria - Game Watch Weekly #21

Your weekly round up of PlayStation stories, and my reactions to them! First published: 12/06/2015.

PS4 & Vita Getting Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy has been announced for PS4 and the Vita. Although no release date has been given, the good news is that PS+ subscribers will get the game free at release! The developers of the game - Team Meat - said that the free PS+ launch is their "way of saying “Thank you for waiting patiently” to all those PlayStation fans that reached out to us over the years only to get back a “we can’t do it, sorry” response."

New Ratchet & Clank Trailer

Sony and Insomniac have released a new trailer for the Ratchet and Clank movie-tie-in-that-isn't-a-movie-tie-in. Simply titled Ratchet and Clank the game is set to be released in "Early 2016".

To read more about it on the PlayStation Blog - click here.

To see the beautiful trailer - click here.

Tales Of Zestiria Coming To PS4 

It was announced today through the PlayStation Blog that the latest game in the "Tales Of.." series - Tales Of Zestiria - will be coming to PlayStation 4! The games is set to release on both PS4 and PS3 on the 16th October!

I've never played a Tales game, and I don't really intend to start here - it just doesn't look like something for me. However, I can see why people love the series, and I'm really glad that they do! It can only be a good thing that it's coming to new-gen!

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Release Date

The jaw-droppingly-beautiful Everybody's Gone To The Rapture has got release date, alongside the reveal of a piece of music from the game. The game will be released on August 11th. For now, the developers have teased that "there’s going to be a lot more news about Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture coming out between now and launch".

This game. Wow. Every time I see a screenshot, a trailer - anything I'm astounded as to how amazing it looks. Only time will tell what it looks like when playing, but I think this is definitely a space to watch.

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This is the final Game Watch Weekly before our E3 coverage begins!

24 hours after each conference I'll be reacting to and running down all the news! At the end of the week, I'll be asking the all important question: Who Won E3 2015? I also have an interview lined up for some point during the week! It's going to be awesome!


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