Game Watch - E3 2015: Bethesda Conference Summary & Reactions

For Bethesda, E3 began when they announced Fallout 4. It was smart to do it beforehand for a number of reasons. Even just to stop the leakers leaking it - that was a very clever move. But, it also meant that the hype for Bethesda's conference was there - everybody knew a release date would be announced. And it was. Fallout 4 is coming out on November 10th 2015, and I can't wait for it.

However, the Fallout release date wasn't the only piece of new from Bethesda. Along with the main game, they also revealed a mobile app called Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android! Available right now, the game is free and focuses on Vault-managing and strategy.

Doom also got two gameplay demos, showcasing various aspects of the game. In addition to this, Bethesda announced a release window for the game of Spring 2016. This dropped with a new trailer, which you can watch below.

The Elder Scrolls was also present, albeit in a slightly dilated form, with The Elder Scrolls Legends, a free to play strategy card game for iPad and PC later this year. They dropped a trailer, which you can watch right here. 

In addition to all that, Battlecry has opened Beta signups and a new gameplay trailer dropped. 

Finally we come to Dishonored. Not only are PS4 and Xbox One getting a Definitive Edition of the first Dishonored, but also the second instalment in the franchise was announced. You can watch the announcement trailer just below. 


Bethesda could have done anything, and I think their conference would still have been awesome. What with Fallout 4, Doom and Dishonored - I think they are currently winning. It was awesome to see more Fallout and Doom, but I think the best thing was the fact that Bethesda had a conference at all. 

They came, they saw and they conquered with a firm "Bethesda is still a major player". I doubt we'll see another conference from them for a long while (if ever), and certainly not next year, but they stepped up and showed us what they can do. I think the culmination of their hard work will be shown truly over the next year or so. And I can't wait. 

Fallout coming out on November 10th has special significance to me as it is my birthday (so that's awesome), but also - having just watched the Microsoft conference - Rise Of The Tomb Raider is coming out on the same day (I will talk about that in the Microsoft post). 

Fallout Shelter is interesting, especially with The Elder Scrolls Legends coming out as well. It shows that Bethesda thinks a symbiotic relationship between mobile and console is something that could, potentially, happen and be very cool. If Legends can jump onto the back of the success of Hearthstone last year, then it could do very well indeed. I don't really want to say anything more about that until we see what the game actually involves. 

Doom isn't something I plan on playing at all, but I do think that trailer is awesome. I love that ID and Bethesda have decided to drop the 4 and "reboot" the series, to show that's it's new for a new generation of gamers. 

Battlecry, again, holds no interest for me. Possibly because I keep getting confused between it and Battleborn. But, again, if you're interested in the game, then I can see that it would been cool to see it at E3. Saying that, I haven't seen any hype for that game anywhere. 

Dishonored is a game I've never played, yet I would really like to. I seem to say this a lot, but the Definitive Edition is something I'm keen to purchase before the second instalment in the series comes out! 


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